Breeder takes raw feeding to a new level

In April, Erica completed her studies in raw dog food nutrition. Erica has been feeding a raw whole food diet to her pets, including her first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel since 1990. 

Feeding a species appropriate diet in the form of fresh raw, food is the foundation of health for the Cavaliers at Blacklash. Erica's studies have increased her knowledge in the science underpinning raw feeding.

Erica has helped a number of dog owners and breeders to transition their dogs to raw feeding over the past 20 years.  Erica joined the Raw Fed Cavaliers Facebook group when she began showing Cavaliers and for several years was part of the admin team, assisting Cavalier owners in the transition from processed food to raw.

In 2017, Erica published  "Feeding Better, Breeding Better" in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of South Australia's quarterly newsletter. Also that year, Erica published a video series on raw feeding to Cavalier owners on the Healthy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel facebook group. "The Cavalier Carnivore, 28 days of raw feeding", is a hands-on, real-life video series about creating a healthy, raw balanced diet. The series was very well received by both experienced and new raw feeders and continues to be shared on the group today. 

In early 2019, Erica created a new online resource to support her puppy families in feeding a balanced raw diet for dogs. The facebook page provides practical, up to date information on feeding a balanced raw diet to growing puppies as well as adult dogs, and is a great place to find easy recipes, meal shares, home made treats, ideas on meal preparation and hints and tips for shopping and supplies.