"The proof is in the puppies"

We raise, train and socialise our puppies using the protocols set out in the Puppy Culture programme. As part of this programme, we teach the puppies a number of important things, to help prepare them for their lives ahead.  This includes: 

  • Early socialisation
  • Games, exercises and problem solving
  • Basic training - sitting for attention, loose lead walking, car travel, toilet training & crate training

We also prepare the puppies to be resilient, so they bounce back from challenges that life throws at them. We work on soundproofing the puppies and preventing problems such as resource guarding and biting. 

Puppy Culture for puppy owners 

If you are interested in joining other Puppy Culture breeders and puppy owners, you can join the Puppy Culture Discussion Group. Please let us know if you would like to be added. 

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