• Colour: Black & Tan

Celia was born in one of the coldest winters we can remember.  During her mother's pregancy, we had a massive snow drop and our garden and surrounding countryside was transformed into a winter wonderland. It seemed fitting to call the babies the Winter Wonderland litter. 

Celia and her littermates were raised with the world renowned Puppy Culture protocols - this is our 5th Puppy Culture litter, using these methods. You can read more about how we raise and train our puppies here

Celia is the youngest member of our show team and has taken to the show ring like a duck to water. She is a happy, confident puppy both in and out of the show ring and is typical of the puppies we raise at Blacklash with the Puppy Culture programme.

The early socialisation and training we have done with Celia and her littermates helps them to live their best life and to meet the challenges they face with confidence, not fear. Celia is trained for the show ring using positive, rewards based methods.